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Our Boot Camp is only intended for those seriously committed to changing their health and fitness. You MUST bring your positive energy and enthusiasm everyday, so whiners and complainers need not apply! Our 800 calorie fat-blasting, total-body-toning workouts will push you, but you will leave every session energized and ready to conquer any challenge put in front of you!

For this reason, we are only selecting 15 new applicants for our Boot Camp.


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• Trouble spots that just won't go away?

• Unrealistic diets that don't work?

• Having to count calories and deprive yourself of the food you want to eat?

• Being too busy with work, life, and kids to exercise?

• Being frustrated with finding a workout that really works?

• Not feeling good because you KNOW you're not fit?

Sick and Tired


Burning Money

Being overweight costs money. According to a study performed by the George Washington University School of Public Health, the annual cost of being overweight is $4,879 for a woman and $2,646 for a man. Some of the factors that were taken into consideration in the study are employee sick days, lost productivity, short-term disability, emergency room care, and even the need for extra gasoline.

So an unhealthy lifestyle costs more than that 99¢ cheeseburger! ARE YOU READY TO COMMIT TO A HEALTHIER YOU?

Jose Avina

Dear Friend,

Hey there! Jose Here! And I'm excited for the opportunity to help you realize your health and fitness goals!

Our Boot Camps in Elk Grove, Roseville, and Sacramento are goal-oriented and results-driven. We are committed to helping doing what it takes to help you reach your health and fitness goals! We promise you that we will ALWAYS bring 100% of our energy, enthusiasm, and passion to every workout!

You will never be bored at our Boot Camps as we pride ourselves in delivering a new creative workout every day! The collective energy and enthusiasm of our Boot Camp family is contagious! A small group working towards the common goal of health and fitness is a powerful motivator that will help you break through your fitness boundaries.


But don't believe me...
These people just like you decided to change their lives...
Read what they have to say about us...

  • I have been going to the Redwood City Boot Camp for 5 months and really enjoy it. I am a former college athlete (swimmer). These guys know their stuff and run good workouts. As a mom of two, I had a hard time making time for a workout. The 1 hour format works very well for me and has made exercise part of my life again. Thank you PSTI.

  • - Isabelle P., Redwood City

  • Simply FANTASTIC! Have you ever wanted to start working out but didn't know where to begin or were too afraid or embarassed to go to a gym? Well look no further. PSTI trainers are the BEST! They are very professional and they make the work-out fun! They challenge you at EVERY level and compliment your achievement at the end. The results you can see and feel. "It does a body GOOD"!

  • - Betty Ann B., Palo Alto

  • While your lazy friends are sleeping in that extra hour in the morning, you can be working out and speeding up your metabolism and feeling great the whole rest of the day! The combination of cardio, core, and weights keep your heart rate up and tone you up in all the right places to make you ready for bikini season. The classes are smaller than those big annoying classes in the gym, allowing you to get more critiques and attention by the trainers. Classes are taught at your-own-pace so anybody at any age can comfortably get used to the structure.

  • - Kristin C., Foster City

  • AWESOME workouts. I joined mostly out of curiosity and now I can say that it got me into better shape than I've been for a while (I run about 15 miles a week, but started getting bored of that). I get compliments about looking jacked (but not scary steroidal jacked, in case that scares you), when I'm 5'0 and the smallest out of my friends. I feel so much stronger and healthier now.

  • - Janelle T., Palo Alto

  • I have to say…it’s tough getting up early for boot camp 3 days a week but the instructors are encourging, positive, energetic, fun and kick butt!

    I’ve been at it for 3 months now and have dropped 2 sizes and have 8 more pounds till I hit my goal weight. The workout gives me the positive attitude and the energy I need for the rest of the day!

  • - Cindy M., Foster City

  • I have been working out with PSTI for 4 months now. It's effective and fun exercise in a manageable 1 hour session. Jose makes an effort to mix things up so that we don't get "used" to the exercise and is also really considerate of people's different needs and fitness levels. The times that they offer are also very convenient. Before PSTI, I had a hard time sticking to workouts because of my busy schedule -- but now I have a choice between morning or evening.

  • - Gemma S., Redwood City

  • I wanted to 'shake' up my routine. I thought about getting a trainer but I like the idea of being in a class and having the support from the people in the class. I was asked by a friend to try PSTI's boot camp. The time works great for me. The instructor puts his heart into every single class. He switches the exercises and it seems we are never doing the same thing twice. Your heart rate is up the entire class and the class goes by so fast. It is the first time in a long time that I feel as if my body has changed for the better. I definitely lost inches in a matter of a couple of weeks.

  • - Ilene S., Palo Alto

  • The boot camps that the PSTI offers are great! I am a former college baseball player that now works 8am - 5pm and needs good workouts. The classes are always different and challenging. The instructors are very hands on and push you in every workout. I would suggest anyone of any age to look into these camps if you want to improve your overall fitness and have a good time in the process.

  • - Colby H., Redwood City

  • I went on day 1 and can't imagine not going. I'm not a disciplined person when working out, yet I will get up and go do this first thing in the morning. I love the variety. They push you, but if you just can't perform the task at hand, they come up with an alternative so that you don't hurt yourself. I've lost over 10 pounds and receive compliments about how trim and fit I am looking. Anyone thinking about starting up a fitness routine, or an athlete looking for a change in routine, should seriously look into PSTI!

  • - Melanie H., Redwood City

  • I've been a member of PSTI for 2 months and I'm in the best shape I've been in the past 30 years - and that's coming from a retired college athlete! The 3x per week adult bootcamp provides a workout that is fun & challenging in an environment that encourages you to do your best alongside your new friends! I never thought a workout at 6am could feel so great! Now my colleagues at work are commenting on my appearance, asking - "what are you doing? what's your routine?" I tell them "it's PSTI bootcamp for crazies". They have workouts for all ages - young and not-so-young like me. The instructor makes a point to include every one and to encourage every one. I also like how he challenges you to write down your personal health goals so that you keep them in front of you for encouragement. The 3x weekly adult bootcamp is about making a lifestyle change for the better. I'm glad I "crossed the chasm" and gave PSTI a shot 2 months ago - now I'm signed up for 6 more!

  • - Jenn H., Palo Alto

  • I am attending the Palo Alto Boot Camp- I have been looking for a way to get a regular workout to add to other things I do on my own - and also to have the added encouragement of someone pushing me to try harder. This is the perfect thing! I love the time slot on weekdays (6-7 AM) - I feel good all day after a PSTI workout. They really keep the pace steady and change it up each time. It is a very well-rounded workout --- and fun!

  • - Mary S., Palo Alto

  • PSTI's bootcamp is outstanding! I was first interested when he was promoting a weight loss program that started in October, that he coupled with workouts to help burn fat, increase muscle mass and improve cardio fitness. As a result, I have lost 13 pounds, some inches, and my knees feel so much better during runs as a result. I am excited to attend his class, since he always changes the workout, is very encouraging, and also helps us break through our own mental blocks so that we can improve our fitness.

  • - Barbara G., Menlo Park

  • I've been going to these guys since their Redwood City Boot Camp opened. The instructor runs us through the paces and one of the best workouts I've had. The format is 3 times a week I go in and we concentrate on something different: cardio, strength, etc. Then at the beginning of the month we do a set of exercises to benchmark where we are at, and repeat them again at the end of the month to see how we improved. Every month I see improvement. These guys are great!

  • - Josh P., Redwood City

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It's simple really...


OUR CRC™ SYSTEM: CRC stands for Cardio, Resistance, and Core. Cardiovascular training conditions your heart and lungs. Resistance training tones your muscles and strengthens your bones. Core training tightens your midsections and maintains your posture. The combination of these three in our CRC System turns your body into a fat-burning machine with a high metabolism all day long!

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NUTRITION: Our Online Nutrition Management Tool provides you with a custom program based on your goals and preferences. It allows you to plan and track your meals and provides you with a report card based on your nutrient intake. You will also have access to thousands of pre-made sample meal plans that fit your goals and preferences.


PERSONAL COACHING AND ACCOUNTABILITY: Our Boot Camp is goal-oriented and results-driven. Our certified fitness instructors will hold you accountable to these goals through personal coaching calls.

Personal Coach



• Lose 10-15 lbs?

• Flatten your stomach?

• Tone your arms, thighs, and butt?

• Feel confident in your new body?

lost inches

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Now Before You Activate Your Free Trial Week, You Probably Have Some Questions...

Q: What if I'm not in very good shape?

No worries! Our Boot Camp caters to all fitness levels. Our instructors have low impact alternatives available for all movements, so just let us know and we can cater to your needs. All our sessions are self-paced, meaning that at any point during the workout, you need to take a break and get some water, you're free to do so. No one expects you to come in on day 1 and kill it, so you can push through those fitness boundaries at a consistent pace.

Q: What if I can't attend all the days offered at a location?

Well some exercise is always better than no exercise! Also, our Boot Camp membership allows you unlimited access to all our times and locations, so you can make up missed sessions at any of our locations at any time!

Q: What do I need to bring?

#1 thing to bring is a positive attitude! A towel and a water bottle are also suggested. Other than that we'll provide all the fun! We also suggest you get some water and a light snack in your system, so that your body has fuel for the workout.

Q: Can I pay a walk-in rate?

No. The fact is that you need a little motivation to stick to a regular exercise schedule, right? Well beyond knowing that you are going to get a great workout everytime you go to Boot Camp and are going to leave super energized, the best motivator is knowing that you are already paying for the sessions.

Q: What is a typical day like at Boot Camp?

We pride ourselves in making each day a fun new challenge at Boot Camp. But what you can expect is about a 10 minute dynamic warm-up, 40 minutes of the main workout, and a 10 minute cool down/stretch period. Because it's always different, it's hard to explain, but the best way to find out what we do is to come in for your free trial!

Q: How soon will I see results?

You can expect to see results within 2-4 weeks, depending on your effort level. Typical results in the first 30 days are drop of 1-2 pant or dress sizes and just an overall feeling of health and well-being.

Q: When does Boot Camp end?

Our Boot Camp is a continuous year-round program. We are looking to help you make a lifestyle change and consistency is key to getting and maintaining results!

Q: What if I have other questions?

Feel free to call us at 650-561-3140 or email us at


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Ok, Sounds Great! I'm Ready to Get Started! But How Much Does It Cost?

This is the best part! A month of personal training from me or any other of my trainers would be around $700-$900 per month.

But the good news is you'll get the same great workouts and individual attention and coaching just like our one-on-one clients for a fraction of the price! Your investment is as little as $147 per month - that's just $4.74 a day!

And EVEN BETTER, you have no risk because we're willing to put our money where are mouth is with our 30 DAY NO-HASSLE, NO-HARD FEELINGS, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Money Back Guarantee

I'm 100% confident that we'll get you the results that you're looking for!

Now Imagine Yourself in 6 Months...


• Six months older

• A few pounds heavier

• Still struggling with those trouble spots that won't go away

• Still unhappy because you know that you're not fit

• Still planning to lose that weight... next month



• 10-15 lbs lighter

• More tone with a flatter stomach and a supercharged metabolism

• Wearing those skinny jeans that you haven't fit in since high school

• Happy and confident that you made a change that will change your body for life


RWC Boot Camp
    Inside The Park Academy of Baseball and Softball 6488 Florin Perkins RD, Sacramento

  • Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Time: 7:45AM - 8:45AM, 9:00am-10:00am

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Time: 6:00AM - 7:00AM, 7:00AM -8:00AM, 8:45-9:45AM

  • Saturdays
  • Time: 8:30AM-9:30AM

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RWC Boot Camp
    Lee's Korean Martial Arts Academy 8835 Sheldon Rd #130 Elk Grove, CA 95624

  • Mondays, Wednesdays , Fridays
  • 6:00am-7:00am
  • Location:
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Palo Alto Boot Camp
  • Date: TBA
  • Time: TBA
  • Location: COMING SOON
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We look forward to helping you reach your health and fitness goals!

P.S. Don't let the next 12 months be like the last 12 months! Make a change to your health and fitness today!

P.P.S. THERE IS NO RISK TO YOU. It's our job to prove ourselves with our 30 DAY UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

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