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"Get Fast or Get Left Behind!"
Who Else Wants to Add 3"-4" Inches to Their Vertical Jump and Take Seconds off Their Sprint Times With The Xplosive Functional Training (XFT™) System?

Our patented Xplosive Functional Training (XFT) System has proven to give our athletes the edge! Our #1 priority with our athletes is injury prevention, so our XFT system begins by establishing a solid foundation of functional flexibility and proper body mechanics. Once we've established a fundamental base, we take our athletes through our explosive mix of drills including plyometrics, isometrics, resistive training, and overspeed training designed to minimize injury risk and maximize athletic ability. We demand attention-to-detail and focus through the finish of every rep of every drill. Because of the attention-to-detail, our techniques are proven to activate fast-twitch muscle fibers and create explosive and fluid athletes with the confidence to play fast!

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D1 Supporters

"Speed is the biggest difference in the game when making the transition from one level to the next. Whether that's from middle school to high school, high school to college, or college to the NFL, PSTI provides athletes with the training tools to make that adjustment."

- O.J. Atogwe, Safety St. Louis Rams, Franchise player 2008, 2015, Led NFC in interceptions in 2007 season

D1 Supporters

"PSTI's speed, nutrition, and goal setting training combines all of the components that I learned over the last four years to help me develop into the athlete that I am today."

- Wopamo Osaisai, 2008 Pac-10 100m Champion, Stanford Football and Track, Holds Stanford University 100m Record (10.39s), First Team All-Pac-10 in Football

D1 Supporters

"The Performance Science Training Institute's programs are designed to uplift its athletes and teach them manhood on and off the field."

- Mark Bradford, San Francisco 49ers, Stanford Football and Basketball